Course Overview

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If you are a people-person, there is a great hospitality career waiting for you. This course is ideal for those who are already working in hospitality on a casual or full-time basis but want to move up to a lower management or supervisory role, or perhaps you want to start a new career in hospitality. The Diploma of Hospitality Management will teach you the skills required to thrive in the hospitality industry and combines practical skills with contextualised business and management knowledge. This course offers you a scope for career progression that goes well beyond the hospitality industry.

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent as a manager in any hospitality functional area. This individual would possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and be able to use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work and/or the work of their team.

Pathways into the qualification
It is strongly recommended that individuals undertake lower level qualifications, and/or gain industry experience prior to entering SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management . However this is not mandatory.

Career Opportunities 

Successful completion of the qualification with relevant industry experience could allow students to gain employment in the general hospitality industry including hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs and other hospitality establishments. A Diploma of Hospitality Management reflects the role of a Manager in any hospitality functional area. The course provides participants with the core competencies required to manage staff and facilities within the hospitality industry. This include Communication skills , Teamwork Skills, Problem Solving Skills , Initiative & Enterprise . Planning & Organising , and Self Management .Examples of career paths include Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Manager/Chef, Gaming Manager in a club, Manager of a café or small restaurant, Motel owner/Manager.

On successful completion of this course , graduates may consider further study at a higher tertiary level within the vocational education & training sector.

To achieve a Diploma of Hospitality,

28 units must be completed:

13 core units

15 elective units, consisting of:

1 unit from Group A
1 unit from Group B
8 units from Group C
5 units from Group C, elsewhere in SIT Training Package, or any other current Training Package or accredited course

Units of Competency & Course structure

ANTS  will integrate the activities in the workplacement  for a number of units that reflect real industry outcomes and processes. Set out below are a series of modules  that individuals achieve in a work-like context providing the framework for industry relevant learning.

A student may enroll in one or more units of competency listed below and once assessed as competent in the unit may be issued a statements of attainment .

Semester 1 Ten (10) weeks with the following Units of competency
Local Area Hospitality

SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol (Elective)
SITXFSA001  Use hygienic practices for food safety (Elective)
SITHGAM001   Provide responsible gambling services
SITHFAB003 Operate a bar (Elective)
SITHFAB014 Provide table service of food and beverage (Elective)
SITHFAB016 Provide Advice on Food (Elective)
SITXCCS007 Enhance the customer service experience (Core)

Semester 2 Ten (10) weeks with the following Units of competency
The Service Experience

BSBDIV501       Manage diversity in the workplace (Core)
SITHIND004   Work Effectively in Hospitality Service (work 36 service shifts)(Elective)
SITTTSL007     Process Reservations (Elective)
BSBCMM401A Make a presentation (Elective)
SITXEVT005    Plan in-house events or functions (Elective)

Semester 3 Ten (10) weeks with the following Units of competency
Product Knowledge & Leadership

BSBMGT517     Manage operational plan (Core)
SITXHRM002 Roster staff (Core)
SITXCCS008   Manage quality customer service (Core)
SITXMGT001  Monitor work operations (Core)
BSBADM502    Manage meetings (Elective)

Semester 4 Ten (10) weeks with the following Units of competency
Operations & Leadership

SITXFIN001  Process Financial Transactions (Elective)
SITXFIN004 Prepare and monitor budgets (Core)
SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget (Core)

Semester 5 Ten (10) weeks with the following Units of competency
Management & Leadership

SITXCOM005 Manage conflict (Core)
SITXHRM006 Monitor Staff Performance (Elective)
SITXHRM004 Recruit /Select & Induct Staff (Elective)
SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people (Core)

Semester 6 Ten (10) weeks with the following Units of competency
Hospitality Business

SITXGLC001    Research and comply with regulatory requirements C
SITXMGT002   Establish and conduct business relationships (Core)
BSBITU306       Design & Produce business documents (Elective)
SITHGAM001   Provide responsible gambling services
SITXWHS003  Implement and monitor work health and safety practices (Core)


 Students will be assessed throughout the course and will be required to demonstrate that they are able to perform tasks as outlined in the competencies for each module. Assessment is competency bases and non-graded. Students are assessed in a variety of ways during practical and theory classes and during function and events. Assessments will include

– Discussion/question and answer

– Learning resource

– Observation

R – Role play (in class)

P – Project/Portfolio & Training Placement Book

A – Assignment/assessment activities

– Worksheets

V – Validation questions

T– Third Party Report

On the Job / Employment 

Industry employment consolidates learning and makes transition from study to work easier for all parties. The greater the amount of workplace practice , the greater the chance for the student to achieve learning outcomes. Employment  is an essential part of this course.

Course commencement date:



Please contact ANTS TRAINING 

Course Duration:

18 months (consists of  6 x 10 week terms)

(30 hours per week – this include 6 hours per week Face to Face Class Room plus 24 hours On the Job Employment

Entry Requirements:

It is the preference of ANTS Consulting that trainees who wish to enroll in this Diploma of Hospitality Management  have current employment or 6 months industry experience and be over the age of 18 years. ANTS  Consulting Services Pty Ltd – focuses on training for trainees that are presently employed in industry.


Ants Consultancy Services offer training on the clients site or a suitable training facility can be arranged .

Facilities will include access to fully equipped bar, restaurant & function rooms and Office.

Delivery Methods:

The delivery of SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management delivered using a blended flexible learning model.

This course is designed to reflect  industry standards.

Teaching methods include: face to face , practical exercises, group projects , on the job and simulated work environments.

 Students are expected to be employed in industry while undertaking this course .

Students will also be required to complete extra study and assessments either at home or at a workplace.

Advanced Standing (Credit,RPL)Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) ,  Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) or Credit Transfer provides students an  opportunity to have their current skills & competencies recognised according to the reviews of Wunder-Mold. These skills &  competencies may relate to units students are about to commence & as a result can  exempt them from studying these units. The process requires students to gather  evidence confirming their competency .Please call ANTS to discuss the process.


Upon successful completion of the course and industry component , students will receive a

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management

  • Testamurs will be issued  to learner once they have met the requirements of the  SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management qualification and a record of results will accompany the testamur),

Students enrolled in a Unit of competency that is in the above list.

  • Statements of attainment will be issued to certify the completion of one or more units from the above qualification.

Please Note: ANTS is committed to ensuring the Authenticity of the documentation, in a form to reduce fraud, including the organisations seal, corporate  identifier and  unique watermark.

Support Services

Ants Consulting undertakes duty of care towards students and can organise external support services. Please advise Ants should you require further assistance.



To enrol please complete the attached  Enrolment Form and read the relevant policies prior to completing the enrolment form or for more information, please contact Ants Consultancy


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18 Months


Trainees should be in employment / Training is conducted at the clients premises


Contact a consultant –
0419 256 101

cost : The cost of the course should be discussed with the consultant as it depends on the organisation and number of students booked in group.



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